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Tib 2.0 - The Genesis Coupe

Dropped my wife's car off at my Hyundai dealer today for an oil change, and saw something which changed my world-view. The all-new Genesis Coupe. And while its not a Tiburon, its also not a lot of other things - like a front wheel drive car. Or a small V6. Meet the Tib's replacement:

My mouth dropped open when I saw the "3.8" badge on its trunk. 310-horses of rear-wheel drive power. When I was first considering new cars I'd looked at the yet-to-be-produced Nissan Altima Coupe which ended up being out of my price range with its $35k price tag, despite my envy for its 3.5 liter displacement. Hyundai's 3.8 liter Coupe rivals the performance of the Altima's big brother, the 350Z for much, much less.

My first car was a 1968 Dodge Coronet 440. Seven years later, when I bought my first new car, it took me years to learn how to drive it effectively, as it was my first front-wheel drive.

So while my wife fully expects me to trade-in my GT for the new Genesis Coupe (and I'm tempted to be sure), I just can't justify the extra ten-grand that new car will cost compared to what I paid for mine...and what little I already owe on it just two years later.

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