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What do you want of me?

I need smarter friends. There's no more 'we' there's just me. I feel...disconnected. Why does command-line apt-get not reinstall, but the GUI does? Why does 'purge' leave files? Why is apache2 so much more difficult to manually configure? Why won't php work out of the box on a dedicated LAMP installation? Why will the // properly display but not php pages?

I also need advanced Photoshop help. Who the hell am I supposed to turn to for that? Google is only filled with simple answers to common questions. There's no real knowledge there. Seemingly nothing I want to do can be answered simply. How do I install a non-vPar virtual machine on HP/UX 11vi? Why does phpwiki say only that 'creating a page is easy' with no information on how to do so? None of the hard questions are out there. And when they are, they sit silent; unanswered.

Are they dumbing down the procedure, or are they dumbing me down? By automating everything, I've become lazy, and dull. Ergo, when there's a problem with that automation, it takes me longer to fix. I'm no longer sharp. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Making something idiot-proof only creates bigger idiots.

Why is there a corporate edict stating that the Chrome browser is a security risk when they suggest we use IE, the most exploited browser ever invented instead? WHY WILL NO ONE ASK THE TOUGH QUESTIONS? And for those who do, why won't you cowards answer them?

There are other questions as well. Questions perhaps I haven't asked, which I'll take the blame for. Why was schpydurx asked to write movie reviews? And what exactly is The Early Mixes about anyway? I just don't know.

Placate me, f-list.
Tags: unix, work

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