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  • I have a new BFF at work, though he doesn't know it. No drax0r, you haven't been replaced. He would make a poor eating partner, and he doesn't talk much. In fact, he doesn't say much at all. Probably why I like him.

  • I rickrolled myself. I was rooting around my server looking for wallpaper to burn on CD for my new BFF and pulled up my own spoof. At work. Its been many years since I've had such an instantaneous spike in adrenaline.

  • I was hot yesterday, so I went to the barber shop to have my head scalped with a 1-guard. "Sports Clips" where I had to talk to some girl about how she not only knows nothing about computers, she also can't even navigate MySpace. Remind me next time to tell people that I sweep streets for a living. Either that, or let's open an "IT Clips" where we don't have to sit around and be asked about sports.
    My newly shorn head was the buzz of conversation at work today (pathetic, I know) where, in that special way I seem to have with people, that being, completely believable by affably and almost unwittingly giving things away, drax0r came up in conversation (as he used to shave his head and face more severely than myself) and now one of the DBA's *really believes* that he walks around his house in sackcloth, like Uncle Fester.

    I bought a Rastafarian knit cap at a head shop this weekend and wore it to work Monday. Other than the strange looks this white boy got, my hair was so long they kinda looked like dreads spilling out of that cap. I'm not going say that wasn't another reason I got my hair cut.

  • Sometimes I'm so brilliant I amaze myself. But I usually temper that with the fact that if I were as brilliant as I thought I was, why does it take me so long to realize these brilliant solutions? Just like you, I put my pants on one leg at a time. When I wear them. Anyway - its no secret that I despise running XP, and only do so in a virtual machine. Hardware limitations prevent me from running multiple VM's on my laptop efficiently, so I usually just don't run the one with XP. Problem is, while I'm afforded quite a bit of autonomy at work, occasionally I get called on not being 'online' that is to say, accessible via the corporate SameTime instant messenger client (imagine that, an unavailable sysadmin) or timely in my responses to Lotus Notes email (I've said for years Lotus Notes, IE & Photoshop is the only reason I still run Windows). So today, an amazing solution came to me - put my vmware XP instance on the corporate SAN! VNC costs my laptop almost nothing, and I can keep it up and running 24x7. They're happy, I'm happy. Freaking brilliant!

Tags: unix, vmware, work, xp

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