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Seeds are such tiny things. Yet given the right environment to flourish, can create incredible things. The world's most massive living thing began from a seed - the giant Sequoia. And let's not forget the mustard seed and all its capable of - I soon won't.

Due to their incredible growth exponential, they're also used in metaphors, such as "planting seeds of doubt" in where the tiniest of insinuations (once again, given the right environment to grow) can destroy marriages, friendships, and lives. Likewise once the seeds of desire are planted they fester ceaselessly, usually to fulfillment of that desire and often against our will, for what is will when faced with such a powerful force? Those who do not act on it often find a surrogate release, but the desire still remains.

The Almighty himself gave the promised land to all the seed of Abraham, forever.

The Belkin "flip" is an extremely tiny single-button user-interface KVM which, this weekend, stopped passing EDID data to my newly installed linux box, causing no more than 640x480 resolution with no ability to force it higher while intermittently shutting down the USB ports to my newly installed XP box and/or refusing to notify the operating system of HID-compliant devices and disallowing any audio to be passed to either box to the point it nearly drove me mad trying to troubleshoot two boxes simultaneously as I built them.

What a very, very frustrating weekend, to be caused by such a small thing.

I need a new KVM.

With some sort of EDID assurance. And USB 2.0.

To top off my frustrating weekend, I deleted my iTunes library. In booting the XP installer, I was dumbfounded by how many partitions ESX had created on the drive. And because my son was crawling around on the floor behind my rack distracting me, I removed the partition on the volume which contained the library. While I was cataloging in my head all the music I'd lost since my last backup, I sought out and found TestDisk - a freeware app included on my GParted Boot CD which effortlessly restored the NTFS partition!

Oh, what horrors await me tomorrow?

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