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When I was in high school most of my buddies had awkward, gawkish younger sisters, most of whom I never noticed nor paid any attention to.

Until one summer...

It was more than just the development of full breasts, though I would be remiss in mentioning that among all my friend's sisters, they were quite noteworthy. With faces which were now clear and smooth, hair which now framed their previously childish faces, and jeans which accentuated an ass I'd never before noticed, I wonder why my friends never questioned my renewed interest in visiting them at their homes.

Of course I was a young man then too.

I just started watching Dollhouse but I'm no longer that young man I once was. Ergo, now that Harry Tasker's little girl from True Lies is portrayed as a sexy, lithe woman, I still see the little girl crying from the top of a scaffolding, "Help me, Daddy, help me!" I can't quite see these once-child actresses as the sex objects they're supposed to be. The first time I saw a pic of Hermione Granger in lingerie, I just shook my head. Yeah, she's got boobs now, but she still looks like a little girl to me.

Outside of that, Dollhouse reminded me initially of that not-quite-up-to-snuff canceled remake, The Bionic Woman. But the strength of the cast (familiar supporting actors) led by Joss Whedon's artful imagination has kept me interested. I'm downloading the episodes now, but will be first in line when its released on June 28th.
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