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This Is Who We Are

The more I listen to Mark Snow's 2-disc soundtrack to Millennium, the more I enjoy the series in retrospect, and I listen to the soundtrack a lot. Having watched the series completely through, and since then listening to the score ceaselessly, the more I want to watch it again. I immersed myself into Frank's world and relive still those moments throughout my day. Thinking about both individual cases, and the ebb and tide of the seasons. I did not listen to the soundtrack nearly as much prior to watching the box set...Now I can't get enough of them. (And seriously, the box set was dirt cheap - $50 for the entire series - three full seasons? That's a steal!) I wish I could find a few favorite tracks, but every time I start listening to the music, I end up going through the entire 2-disc set. Every single time. By the time I have the score memorized, I'm certain I'll go back to the series. And what a treat that will be as an accompaniment.

Season 2 was unlike Season 1, and Season 3 was unlike either of the previous Seasons. While initially disappointed that the awkward transition between 2 & 3 didn't become any less awkward ten years after having first seen it, I did finally appreciate being given glimpses of Frank Black not seen in the two preceding seasons. Mannerisms he no longer had to hide; expressions we hadn't previously seen. A different side of him. I wasn't acutely aware of this as I watched it in my one-room apartment a decade ago - one of the perks from watching it back-to-back I presume. And as I mentioned previously, there were some really great episodes in that final season. Yes I was ready for it end. Until the end. Then I wanted more.

There have been some mindblowing updates at since our last visit and I would encourage all of you to visit. They have three podcasts up (I just put them on my iPod this evening) and even an exclusive interview with Lance Henriksen himself?!?! In reading through the FAQs and such, I saw what they're asking for, what I'm asking for, and it wasn't necessarily a Millennium movie (Seriously though, how cool would that be?) but perhaps even just a modern-day serial killer/supernatural presentation featuring FRANK BLACK & the gang. But with 3600+ signatures for the Millennium movie versus just 20% of that for "other", I can see which way the tide is turning.

Remember when they made that Cracker movie with Robbie Coltrane 10-years after they canceled the series and brought the entire cast back? Yeah, like that. I really don't have an opinion on Lost because I haven't watched it, but Terry O'Quinn needs to reprise his role as Peter Watts. Aren't they canceling Lost? How serendipitous. The time is now.

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