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NIS+ to LDAP in 5 minutes Flat!

Posted on 2005.04.27 at 14:03
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0615: So my normal route is blocked this morning by a tractor-trailer which decided to turn upside down stopping traffic in all directions this morning. I whip around on an alternate route with nothing lost. It's not unusual for me to be behind a Cavalier with one behind me as we're passing one. They're shit cars, and there are a lot of them. But I wasn't driving my shit car, I was driving the wife's car, and what is unusual is following a Saturn LW300 in your Saturn LW300.

0700: So I trek on over to the ADC since our last remaining connection to the internet went down yesterday at 0900, and I pull across our abandoned parking lot, put the car in reverse to back into my parking space, and nearly hit a car which was right on my bumper!

0800: No cigar smoking in the wife-mobile. Arrive at work grumpy.

1415: NIS+ to LDAP in 5 minutes Flat is a lie. Solaris 10 is a lie. Java Gay Desktop is a lie.

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