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The 1TB 7200rpm 32MB-cache SATA drive.

$107 at Best Buy. Now if I could only get it out of compatibility mode. But because I installed it without AHCI enabled...In short, because I didn't F6 the drivers, there's no controller to apply drivers to.

So rather than wallow in self-pity (which I would do, trust me, if it would get me out of this cycle of Microsoft asininity) I'm going to, probably in this order, install:
  1. Windows 7 RC1

  2. Windows Server 2008

  3. Windows Server 2003

And in other most awesome news, I managed to procure an HP ProLiant DL380 G3 with dual-Xeon 3.20GHz procs and 4.5GB RAM. I unwrapped 2x72GB 10k Sun drives I've been saving for just such an adventure, swapped sleds, and created a 137GB (formatted) RAID-0 stripe to install ESXi on at work. Its ashame that VMware provides some of their tools for both linux and windows, some for linux only, and some for windows only? WTF ^^ mate?

Of course all this fun has been betwixt attempting to ignite an HP/UX frame in nPar mode on an external array. Bah!

I think I'll give away all my Sun servers. Anyone interested?
Tags: vmware, xp
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