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Something is seriously wrong with me...

Posted on 2009.06.16 at 14:40


quicksilvermad at 2009-06-17 02:12 (UTC) (Link)
"You eyein' my lemon drink?" =Old crazy lady in my head now (thanks, The Happening. And the guys at Rifftrax.).

I had a dream a few nights ago about en eyelash viper slithering around an office/house or something... I followed it around a cubicle with my mother walking carefully behind me. As I grabbed the snake by the tail (something I've actually done in the waking world) it turned its head around and sunk its fangs into the meaty part of my thumb.

I can understand the symbolism, but why would my brain pick an eyelash viper and not a snake I've actually handled—like a python, garden/rat snake, or water moccasin (yes, I dragged a water moccasin out of our backyard waaaaay back when)? I've never even seen an eyelash viper in person. Our brains pick strange images when we sleep—I've been watching scores of horror films before I finally manage to nod off, but all my dreams are pleasant. Strangely, the snake is the only "strange" dream I've had since I started doing this.

Either that, or there is a deep part of my brain that associates Bruce Campbell/Sean Bean/whomever with all that is good and decent in the world. Which is amusing since Sean Bean usually plays horrible people in horror films (though he was infinitely sweeter than the "main character" of The Dark).
ehowton at 2009-06-18 15:14 (UTC) (Link)
Eyelash viper huh? While the symbolism in female snake dreams has many connotations, I will refrain from assuming some of the more obvious ones.

I have read that both 'struggling' with and 'being bit' by one in your dreams opens up the possibility that whatever your subconscious conflict, is not as insurmountable as it may first appear - and that's good news!
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