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Ate mostly cheese for dinner. Is that wrong? I had a nice salad for lunch, but that was 7 hours ago, and I was starving. Drove to Wichita this weekend - smoked a cuban on the way there. It was fantastic - thanks Phil! I think I'll give up scooby-snack for awhile. Have my eye on a new humidor and about 100 cigars. That should last me awhile. Had a good time with the kids, we went to the fall carnival and rode all the rides. I think Chamber of Secrets is the best Harry Potter score. Lori sat and watched every episode of BSG Season Two, back-to-back, uninterrupted. I am watching the mini-series again, as a prelude to watching Season One followed by Season Two. Tony just picked up the US DVD Box Set of Season One. This is going to be a hard week to recover from. As I was driving to Wichita, I noticed the East-bound traffic from Kansas City to St. Louis was pretty much grid-locked. For 200 miles. I decided then and there I was going to drive back early Sunday morning. I went to bed at 1945 and got out of bed at 0100. I figure I got a good three hours of sleep. Drove to the hotel, showered, shaved, put on my coat and tie, and went to work. Ten and a half hours later, here I sit, gut full of cheese, and wishing I could just pass out.

Tags: bsg, cooking, david, kansas, kids, star trek

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