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I've shed this corporeal body of my earthly raiment and only now feel truly free. Unshackled by the textiles which cling to me; suffocate me.

I've given much thought to the claim that homosexuality is not a learned a behavior brought on solely by environmental influences, but perhaps a genetic element as well. Apparently some who are transgendered are saying the same thing. While I refuse to prematurely embrace or dismiss these claims without further data, if both those statements are true then mathematically speaking there are a percentage of women out there who are not only biologically men, but also lesbians.

I may be one of them.

Followed out to one possible conclusion, were science to definitively prove this, how would society react? We, as a population require something to look down on to inflate our individual value. So if half the men were heterosexual biological men, and half were lesbian transgendered women, and half the women were biological heterosexual women, and the other half were homosexual transgendered men, who would be able to point fingers at whom, exactly?

We'd have to adjust our entire perspective, as well as naming convention.

Using the vi editor, 'Esc' gets you out of insert mode, and 'Shift-A' appends the end of the current line. That's also the break sequence for the ThinkLogic terminal concentrators.

Woe to those who vi files on the console.

What a long, long weekend. I walked the dog alone, I slept alone, I ate my meals alone. I mowed the lawn then watched Airplane!, Spies Like Us, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Time Machine, Timeline, Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Layer Cake, Stargate and The Matrix. It was weird watching movies alone. The only thing I wanted to do was watch Stargate: Atlantis with my wife. Since I can't have her, I'm going to go get Season 4 today after work. I'd been staying up until 0300, but knew I had to get up early Monday for work, so first I concocted a plan, then I concocted two Solo cups of French 75. Yes, that did the trick.

I passed out right on schedule at 2300.

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