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You can kill the signal, Mal.

  • catttitude is back and life is sane again. This has been very, very good.

  • The heat-sensitive Italian Molded Memory Foam Pillow ($86 @ Sam's Club) is awesome.

    • Though it did cause my old boss to go into anaphylactic shock.

  • Finished Stargate: Atlantis.

    • It was cool seeing Joel Goldsmith's cameo in the next-to-last episode of the series.

    • Looking forward to the follow-up full-length direct-to-DVD movie.

  • As I've never seen it, I'm thinking the 10-Season/210-episode Stargate SG-1 Collection will keep me quite busy during my downtime.

  • I'm on-call this week.

  • Replaced my aging Dell desktop with my dual-Xeon 3.20GHz DL380 running Ubuntu Server 9.04 w/gnome-desktop.

    • Utilizing six 10k 36GB drives in a RAID-5 configuration.

    • Utilizing three 15k 18GB drives in a RAID-0 configuration!

  • Migrated my ESXi server onto a Compaq ML370 Deskside Workstation.

  • During 9/11 our local network was adversely affected by everyone seeking information on the internet.

    • So we installed a local Google proxy.

      • Which, until Michael Jackson's Memorial yesterday seemed like a good idea.

        • You can kill the signal as it turns out.

Universe Man, Universe Man - Size of the entire universe, man...
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