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Atlantis vs. SG-1

I really, really hate Stargate: SG-1. Especially given how much I enjoyed Stargate: Atlantis.

We bought the first two seasons of SG-1 and I now realize why I hated every "crossover" episode on SG:A. I dislike the actors and the characters. I have trouble resolving Richard Dean Anderson's 'tough as nails' persona with the inane quips he makes as an aside when he first comes across something new. I suppose he's both protagonist AND comic relief since they have no one to fill that role. I mean, I'm the first to admit that I shun sitcoms mostly because of the plucky sidekick who helps facilitate jokes (that and laugh-tracks, GOD I HATE LAUGH TRACKS) but Colonel O'Neil is really beginning to come off as a multiple-personality what with all this back and forth he has with himself. Reminds me of Arnold from the Scholastic books, "The Magic School Bus." Every time something extraordinary happens, Arnold says something dumb.

Perhaps I just need to give it more time.

Maybe SG:A was the success it was because after 10-full seasons of SG-1 they finally found something which worked? The cast of SG:A seemed to really enjoy their roles, and the stories were fascinating comparatively. Everyone on SG-1 appears to be acting on a bet - as if the entire series were a joke. Before we began Season One I reminded my wife that the special effects were 10-years old, and we might find them horrific. But that wasn't the case at all. The acting did that before anything else could.

Now, I will admit I enjoyed the pilot episode. Very cool. Very Stargate like. And Goldsmith borrowed heavily from Arnold on the score - thrilling! But after the initial episode, it just turned campy. Something I didn't get from SG:A. But we're only through the first season, and we bought two. So even though I don't get giddy thinking about settling down for hours of adventure with the Atlantis crew, I'll likely suffer through the next season as well hoping it gets even incrementally better.

I beseech you - if you never watched Stargate: Atlantis because you hated SG-1... You may want to give it a try. Its not just different - its good.

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