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Summer Fun

14-days on; 60-hour weeks, but I can't complain. Sure work is taking advantage of the fact that the economy is sour, just like we took advantage of them during the IT boon. It all evens out in the end, but payback can be a cruel bitch.

Summer is here, both the kids are back, and its time to have fun in the sun!

Spent a couple of days out at Lake Texoma in Oklahoma, a half-hour drive North of here. The water was shallow and warm, about 85-degrees. We're looking to bust out our tent and go camping a couple of times before school starts. Its also been 12-years since I canoed, but we're thinking about renting one and taking the kids out - if all goes well, they're dirt cheap at the new Academy they built in McKinney.

And though its been even longer since I've been on a bike, we bought an embarrassingly inexpensive his & hers this weekend as well. Its funny, but very slowly, nearly all the adults in our small neighborhood have been riding bikes around here this summer. Seemed like a good idea.



Saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on the DLP screen in Plano. I was bored with the two-hour thirty-three minute movie but catttitude loved it. My favorite parts of the score were the recycled tracks from Order of the Phoenix but there were a few surprises, such as "In Noctem" (lehah please check your email, thanks!) Walked to The Macaroni Grill afterward where the Chicken Parmesean was served raw on the Mama's Trio and soured my entire meal. They comped it, but I hope I don't get ill this evening, as we're spending all day tomorrow with my folks.
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