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My Twat: An Experiment

The most relaxing time I've had on LiveJournal recently was the week LoudTwitter went down - the automatic twitter-to-lj exporter.

I find reading Twitter on my FL about as interesting as my bowel movements. But if you can't beat them, join them! Therefore, to get a feel for the kind of crap I read on LoudTwitter, I spent all day today updating my own for the first time. BEHOLD! My Day in Tweets - I trust you will be fascinated beyond words! And if you're not...if you think somehow that yours are less banal and smarter than my own, I regret to inform you that you're mistaken:

ehowton: *yawn* Is it only Tuesday? Mmmmm, coffee!
ehowton: I love a good morning thunderstorm.
ehowton: Paying the piper.
osontx@ehowton: mornin sunshine!! :)
ehowton@osontx Good morning! What a glorious start to the day!
melancthe@ehowton: Can this be? The notorious ehowton making an appearance on Twitter? Oh, glorious day!
ehowton@melancthe: Thanks! I'm thrilled to be able to bring you my lame daily routine via this medium. EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW!
melancthe@ehowton: I'm touched that you chose to share these deeply personal thoughts with us. TOUCHED, I tell you! (In an almost uncomfortable way.)

ehowton: I despise unix apps which require use of a GUI. It makes me violent.
ehowton: Meeting time!

glodowg: Headed to work. Thankful that @mr_dowg is driving today.
ehowton@glodowg: HE'S DOING MY WIFE'S JOB!
glodowg@ehowton: she didn't want part time ;)
mr_dowg@ehowton: no, I am doing my job, been working up here a lot longer than she had been, and I filled in when I was needed even when she was here.
ehowton@mr_dowg: You're too cool for school - I wield the BIG SPOON!

ehowton: Make a plan and follow through - that's what Brian Boitano'd do!
ehowton: Instead of a dog-eat-dog world, I wish we were all just kittens.
melancthe@ehowton I read that as "I wish we all just ATE kittens". Which would make sense, now that I think about it!

ehowton: Talking to drax0r on the phone.
drax0r: Talking to ehowton on the phone.
ehowton: Just hung up from talking with drax0r. On the phone.
drax0r: Just got off the phone with ehowton.

ehowton: Checking Twitter.
glodowg@ehowton dude are you bored?
ehowton@glodowg: While its true I have ulterior motives (when don't I?) This experiment has uncovered something unexpected - communication with you!
ehowton: Whistling aloud to my iPod.
glodowg@ehowton: what were your other motives?
ehowton@glodowg: Acutely outlining the unnecessariness of exporting daily Twitter conversations to lj. As an aside, I found that I've had fun!
glodowg@ehowton: I like twitter it is like a Party Line text :)

ehowton: Waiting for the new Star Trek movie to be released on DVD.
quicksivlermad@ehowton: Oh my God, no kidding. *crosses fingers for at least an easter egg with a gag reel* I'll be watching that EVERY DAY.
ehowton@quicksivlermad: I'd like to use it as an excuse to purchase a Blu-ray player. I've been listening to the score today - FANTASTIC!
quicksivlermad@ehowton: This *is* an excellent excuse to get Blu-Ray. Too bad they don't make any that will work with our Bose surround system.

ehowton: Equalizing my password across 240+ hosts with ClusterSSH
ehowton: Considering using Monster Hitman as a vasioconstrictor.
ehowton: Filling my waterbottle.
glodowg@ehowton: dude I want to hear your thoughts not your actions. Inspire me to think, or do, or be MORE!
ehowton@glodowg: I'm trying to best recreate what I read on the twitter exports daily to ensure I fully understand its purpose. Please bear with me.
melancthe@ehowton: I can't wait for your tweet about actually drinking from your waterbottle!

ehowton: Wondering why mr_dowg has forsaken me! What a wonderful opportunity for interaction today. his wife cracking the whip? *sigh*
mr_dowg@ehowton: I don't have much opportunity to post on here while I am keying! Not forsaking you, just busy!
glodowg@ehowton: you crack me up! Tweet away

I did find that I actually enjoyed my Twitter experience. However, I'm quite sure I'm the only one, and that in reality you would prefer I didn't share mine with you, EVERY SINGLE DAY here on livejournal.

While I had fun visiting with people who no longer post anymore in a 'party line' arena as glodowg put it, its unlikely I'll tweet again anytime soon.

Thank you all for a delightful time!


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