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Luck Be A Lady, Tonight!

So I'm whistling "Luck Be a Lady" from Guys & Dolls in the office, driving everyone nuts. The door opens, I stop. A VP walks in and approaches one of the guys to ask a Blackberry question. He sees the score to last night's Cardinal's vs. Houston game and asks, "Contacting your bookie?" I perk up. As he's leaving, I finish the song. He stops. "Luck Be A Lady! Anyone else catch that?"


I so love gin & dry vermouth in tonic...AND I DON'T KNOW WHY!

So, we're not allowed to wear any denimn items. I wore a denim shirt once, with a tie, under my jacket. Word spread like wildfire. Were I still a surly sysadmin, I would wear a denim tie just to mix it up a bit. We're not allowed to wear work clothes even when moving computers. So, there I was in coat, tie, and slacks moving a 22" monitor onto a cart, when the large, metal base it was sitting on became unstuck and damaged my toe. Ouch. I'm going to try and find some steel-toed loafers. Do they even make such a thing???

Watching "A Life Less Ordinary." It's fantastic so far, but I'm only 24 minutes into it. I expect good things.

Created my wife her own bookmark section on

After two days, successfully compiled rot13 and elinks on my Solaris server. --disable-nls was the kicker.

5|45hd07: |\|3w5 f0r n3rd5, 57uff 7h47 m4773r5 <-- Tony playing with his new Mozilla plugin.

Captain, U.S.S. Maverick
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