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Wunderbar Dienstag! 100th release - today at Noon!

In today's daily meeting I stated, "I had to cease all off-world activity since my monitor blew. The replacement monitor I took from the trash pile is possessed and sends me subliminal messages through its flashing which is making me very angry. And because my bike threw me like a horse down an embankment of thistles, leaving my entire body itchy, the combination of itchy and angry is going to soon consume me." My boss, with a wave of his hand, replaced my secondary monitor. Now that's power!

Speaking of, that most magical minstrel of mythical mannerisms Ernest found a utility which will rename the worldwide name of fiber host-bus adapters. As my new DL380 has a cage which opens as a port to hot-plug PCI slots, we're going to use my ubuntu box for this purpose in order to avoid rezoning when HBA's require replacing. How sweet thou art!

I was making homemade pancakes Saturday and my son asked, "Dad? What kind of music is this from?" I told him, "I thought we were listening to Stargate: Atlantis."
"Me too, but this sounds different."
After breakfast I sat down in front of the keyword playlist: The Spy Who Loved Me - 'Ride to Atlantis.' Different indeed! That's my boy ;)

Tuesday is not Monday.

Montag sux0rs
Dienstag rox0rs!
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