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The Reluctant Lover

The Reluctant Lover slumbers
The Reluctant Lover sleeps
Even when she's happy
The Reluctant Lover weeps

So caught up with emotion
So often misunderstood
So many suppressed desires
Should, would and could

Pressure from her family
Pressure from above
She thought friends would useful be
But they too know not love

Minsters say one thing
Then prey upon their flock
Advertisers undermine educators
Drugs, Sex, Hard Rock

Why can't things be easy
Why can't things be fun?
Why must she feel everything
Until all she feels is numb

Is it right, is it wrong
What's an unpardonable sin?
Her mind never quiets
Amidst the conflicting din

Searching for an answer
Reaching further than before
The Reluctant Lover pauses
And questions then no more

Peace comes only from within
Responsibilities diminish chaff
Focus on what's important
Gird up loin and staff

Fight only for yourself
Relish victory sweet
Dismiss those who would bray
Knock them off their feet

She's confident now, and happy
Experienced from war
Comfortable in what she does
A reluctant lover nevermore
Tags: poem

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