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Fortress of Solitude

My wife has been working diligently this past week reimagining the master bedroom. Just like Brian Boytano'd do, she made a plan and followed through. Finally gone are our lilly white walls, and we moved three-quarters of our couch (yes, photogoot, the one and the same) into the bedroom to finally free us from watching television from the bed. She moved the chest-of-drawers into the cavernous closet and replaced it with my maternal grandmother's display cabinet on which we relocated the television.

Where's the hologram of Jor-El?
Its been our intention to turn the master bedroom into a 'hotel room' of sorts; completely self-sustaining from the rest of the house - a sanctuary to escape to. A noble concept, but until we actually got the commuted sofa between the bed and the wall (its a big room, but its also a very big bed) we hadn't felt like we'd been successful in the endeavor. The only thing NOT in the bedroom (yet?) is a mini-bar and coffee maker.
My parents did the same thing when I was in grade school. I never understood why and thought it odd. Now I know. All to well. The older I get, the more I understand my folks. As my children grow, I feel many more revelations are in order, and given my own youth? I just hope I live through it. Remember the naked room in Failure to Launch? Yeah, that.
When she completed the bedroom, she turned her attention to the living room, painting the entire prismatic structure a rich blue steel, then highlighted the outcroppings with a deep burnt orange. She has an eye for bold colors and they've played out nicely in the past. This is our first foray into the rest of the house since the Sun Microsystems colored office. I suspect she'll complete the entire house by 2029.
While the children were away this summer, she also completely revamped what the builder called the Children's Retreat and gave it a two-tone coat of off-world blue. The majority of the room is the lighter blue, and one multi-faceted "wall" is the darker contrast. I wish I had a wide-angle lens. For those of you unfamiliar with what they can really do, here is a picture of that SAME COUCH I just moved into the bedroom. Witness the magic.

Little Girl's Room

Boy's Room

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