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A World Without Greed

Posted on 2009.08.11 at 11:40


Tomas Gallucci
schpydurx at 2009-08-12 15:08 (UTC) (Link)
No, there isn't such evidence in your text. It's in the subtext.

See, I know you're a very mature person. I also know that you wouldn't take to outright bitching on your blog about something like religion. Instead, you would take the time to make this a teachable moment while at the same time venting your frustration by emphasizing what think is the correct way to behave.

Somehow, this post didn't strike me as you relaying idle thoughts you've had over the past couple of days. No, this post seemed reactionary to me. And trust me, if anyone knows reactionary, it's me.
ehowton at 2009-08-12 15:24 (UTC) (Link)
Well articulated. And the whole drawing me into your confidence thing by admitting your own shortcomings - very Clarice Starling.

While I appreciate, nay - even admit that your conclusion would support the sequence of events, I've been meaning to write a post on greed being the absolute root of all evil. This post however, actually started out with:

In my perfect world digital cameras would auto-upload to servers in the cloud, to be brought down again by those who's permissions allowed. Photoshop would be available on the iPod Touch everywhere, and a holographic screen for full-size interaction would unfold from the device which would be tactile-aware.

But as these things often do, it mutated. When I decided to pull that stanza out (as it remained throughout the first two drafts) I needed to replace it with something. And while you may still be right about something setting me off, I've since forgotten what that might be and was focusing on places where we dismiss greed as a motivator, and yet its entire infrastructure is built upon it. Religion seemed to fit the bill like a well-fitting shoe.
Tomas Gallucci
schpydurx at 2009-08-12 15:49 (UTC) (Link)
I can see how the text in the blockquote would piss you off since we don't live in your perfect world. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to have a gold toilet. It's just not in the cards. So we do the best that we can. Do you think that your shit is really worthy of a golden bowl.
ehowton at 2009-08-12 16:11 (UTC) (Link)
Its small thinking like that which creates the self-fulfilling prophecies people like you mire yourselves in. Auto-uploading wireless cameras? Five years tops from people like me. Start the countdown.
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