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Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it's usually something unusual.

3:50 WORK SAFE video

So I had to post this. First, wyldemusick posts it - Its really well done and I thought Scarlett looked like Julianne Moore. But it was Shipwreck's expression that kept nagging at me. I KNOW that expression! But my 12-hour day yesterday, and subsequent dreamless 10-hour sleep erased everything from my mind. Then it shows up on wyldemusick's Twitter and I watch it again. I recognize Vinnie Jones! And Shipwreck? Yeah, Alan Tudyk. God I love that man. Rollins fans will find a cameo in there in well. Good, clean fun. And honestly? I've never seen anyone practice the clarinet as seductively as The Baroness. I'm just saying ;)

Also - is anyone planning on purchasing the Alan Silvestri score to the movie?
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