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Cigar Memories

I remember my first cigar. 1993, Langley Air Force Base, Hampton, Virginia. It was a Macanudo Portifino. Goot's father had sent him a box. We smoked them all.

I remember my first cuban. 1994. It was a Cohiba Lancero. I bought them in Saudi Arabia and Goot and I smoked them when I got back stateside.

The first full box of cigars I purchased were Punch Presidente's. They were fantastic. They don't make them like that anymore.

1996 I was in Korea. By far the best cigars I smoked over there was a box of 12-year old Temple Hall's. Damn.

Bristol, UK. 2002. My first Montecristo. I'll never forget it.

Nabil, the proprietor of Old Town Cigars in Wichita, had given me a 10-year old Gloria Cubana when my daughter was born. I smoked it one year later when my daughter turned one. What a fine cigar that was.

For my 33rd birthday, David Eatherly presented me with a full box of cuban Partagas Series D, Number 4's. What a friend. Always. We smoked one right then and there. By far the strongest cigar I've ever had.

SomeBritInMass recently presented me with a Montecristo. He's too good to me. I smoked it last weekend on my trip to Wichita. I decided on the spot to stop using moist snuff and start smoking cigars again. It was that good.

I still have half a box of those Partagas David gave me, unless he's smoked them all by now, you see, I left my humidor in Texas at his house...And there will be more cigar memories in years to come, as I have another dozen or so cubans, and many more special events in which to share them, and smoke them.

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