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A Weekend in the Hotel

Watched "A Life Less Ordinary," "Strictly Ballroom," and "Moulin Rouge" all for the first time. Very good. I give Moulin the nod, however, for production value. Wow.

We all know how I feel about Windows 'help' dialog box. I hates it. It asks you a lot of stupid yes/no questions and at the end announces your problem is something it cannot help you with. To date, Windows 'help' has never been able to answer one of my questions. Well ladies and gentlemen, I have found something which even exceeds the assininity of that. And it's name is 'Mac Help.' When you click on 'Mac Help' they throw you a little flotation device, a little life ring bounces in the task dock, making you feel They've got you taken care of. 'Mac Help' has no goofy yes/no questions. They go right to the meat with pre-loaded FAQ type questions! For example, under Toast Titaninum, "How do I make DVD's from a DiVX file?" Or "How do I make a DVD from a VIDEO_TS folder?" Both of which turn up this answer:

No pages with your search words were found.


Deleted a metric ton of rap from my iTunes database this weekend. Also deleted all songs 64kbps and under. I don't have time for that. I hate mp3's. Ok, I did keep a handful of hard to find tracks at 64kbps, but did delete entire albums such as, "Mo Money" (which I didn't even know I had), and "Evita." Over 600 tracks in all. Nice and tidy. Watching "Constatine" now. Pretty boring so far, and I'm only 35 minutes into it.

Ohhh - it was too much to bear, What have I done! I ended up deleting more than a dozen full albums because they were ripped at 64kbps. Ah, it's for the best. I own neraly a third of them and will rip them myself when I get them out of storage - I just can't do poor mp3's!

"Constatine" was kinda dumb. The best thing it could have been was shorter.

Time for a cigar...

It's cold outside. Damn chilly. Perhaps I'll stop writing this silly thing now and settle in with some BSG for the remainder of the evening.
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