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Touch Me

I'm considering an iPod Touch. Not for music mind you, I already have a Shuffle and a Nano. No, what I want is a mobile computing platform. Ever since my wife got her netbook, she contently checks her email and plays her games on the couch in front of the television. I've grown envious of her mobility. Sure she shares it with me, but if I had my own netbook I'd install the Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it because I shudder every time I see that "Start" Button (Where do you want to go today?)

No, what I need is something sleeker; more accessible. More awesome. I need the iPod Touch.

I initially wanted a full version of OSX in an iPhone form-factor. but after drax0r bought a Touch, he remembered that post and called me to tell me I was wrong, and explain what he could do with his new Touch:

  • VPN

  • SSH

  • RDP

Flabbergasted doesn't quite fit my reaction. And as much as I'd love to get an iPhone, I'll wait until my employer picks up the voice & data plan, as I haven't paid a cell phone bill in 10-years and I don't plan to start now. But to be able to do all that from an iPod? (While snickering next to my wife and her suddenly bulky netbook?) YES PLEASE!

schpydurx informed me that the next Apple Keynote is coming up and, he said, their recent history dictates that a new generation of iPods will be announced. A little digging reveals that the iTablet - an AirBook/Touch hybrid for lack of a more descriptive term - won't be unveiled until 2010. But that's not what I'm waiting for. Usually, prices of current-gen hardware plummets after the announcement of updated tech. And seeing that my Nano is 16GB and I won't be using the Touch for music, I'll likely save my money and get the 8GB Touch at a reduced price. So yeah, I'm waiting for the Keynote. Go ahead. Touch me.

Squeegy intently anticipates catttitude's next move
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