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I was thinking now that SG-1 and Atlantis are no more, they could branch out into other "brand recognition" through promotion of foodstuffs:

  • Teal'c Milk

  • Colonel Sheppard Pie

  • Malt-O-Neill

  • Weir Near-Beer

  • Taylanaise

  • McKaykes

  • Cream of Carter

  • Rice-A-Ronon

It was explained that I was getting the UFC confused with WWF, ergo there will be no putting the beat-down on drax0r with folding chairs. I'll understand if this means most of you wish to withdraw.

I am, however, still in the market for some stretchy-pants for him.

In the Midwest, you can can buy liquor in the grocery store. In Texas, the greatest variety of beer is sold only in liquor stores, which are closed on Sunday.

There's a console to a Sun Solaris box.
There's also a difference in how to access the console to a SPARC Sun Solaris box and an x86 Sun Solaris box
And another to get to a SPARC64 Fuji Solaris box.
And another to get to a SPARC64 Fuji Solaris box with Logical Domains.
And yet another way to get to a SPARC Sun Solaris box with Logical Domains.

There's a console to an HP/UX box.
There's a console to an HP/UX frame.
Thankfully, the Itanium frames and PA-RISC frames are identical.
But the blades are not.
There's one way to get to Integrity (Itanium) blades.
And another way to get to ProLiant (x86) blades.

And the latter *actually* requires Internet Explorer running on Microsoft Windows.
What exactly is the point of that, I wonder?

And the myriad of terminal concentrators to get to these various console also require different authentication methods. Heterogeneous environments can be complete and utter chaos.

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