ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

"The Anna Avenger"

align boxANNA, TX Governments are known to sponsor things like Fine Arts, Symphonies, and other Nation-rallying pursuits of excellence. Things which are either too expensive, or too disinteresting to maintain through corporate sponsorships - and lets face it, some of our governments choices of programs to sponsor are either really, really long-term investments or...writeoffs. And I can guarantee that the proposed "Anna Avenger" falls somewhere in between!

I'm planning to approach first the Economic Development Corporation and then the City Council to apply for sponsorship of drax0r for purpose of bringing goods and services (and potential tourist dollars) to Anna, Texas by making headlines with the first City sponsored mixed-martial arts fighter, putting our little slice of heaven right on the map!

Superheroes are made - not born. Allow me to present to you, THE ANNA AVENGER!

The Anna Avenger is wrapping up his first month of training in building up the stamina required to compete in mixed-martial arts cage fighting. This marvelous machine of a man already has both the strength, and flexibility needed for competition having spent his youth in a variety of aggressive sports meant for just that purpose, such as wrestling and lacrosse.

But a decade spent as a highly-sought top-notch IT Professional has lessened his ability to project his super-strength and amazing bendy nature - think Zangief + Dhalsim - for any sustained duration. So he's been training something fierce these last four weeks, mind & body; body & mind, to build back the stamina to compete in any arena.

"We're proud to sponsor The Anna Avenger" I hope to one day hear the Mayor say, as we rally around one of the last true superheroes of this great nation. Please join me in support of drax0r as we move forward in this endeavor, for you shall be greatly rewarded in the afterlife.

The Anna Avenger!

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