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Infinity RS625

:40 second video

Back when Infinity was light-years ahead of the rest of the world engineering speaker systems, and the $50,000 Kappa System V was available for purchase, I had a dormmmate who owned a pair of Kappa 9. It was on this system I first heard Enya, and first heard what Beethoven's symphonies sounded like in the able hands of Herbert Von Karajan and the Berliner Philharmoniker. Ultimately I would purchase four sets of Infinity speakers. My first three were the more moderately priced Studio Monitor (SM) series, but my last set would be the Reference Standard (RS) 625.

Once, when a set of Kappa 7 went on sale at the Base Exchange in Mildenhall, my roommate wanted them so badly we jumped in my Jag and screamed East across the A14 to get there before they closed. They were so tall, we had to drop them in the back seat through the sunroof. Drove all the way back to RAF Alconbury with them sticking out the top. We were late for work.

He has them to this day. You don't get rid of speakers like that. In fact, I've had mine so long I understand these coveted injection molded graphite drivers are now considered Vintage in the niche-market.

I bought the RS625's as I was leaving Korea. They shipped free-of-charge to overseas addresses, and I saved myself $200 in shipping costs. Unfortunately, I haven't had much of an opportunity to listen to them in the last fifteen years or so. The last time I had them active was at the Party of the Decade where they were matched with drax0r's amp.

But recently on the Anna Texas Community Forum an individual was selling an amp for $25. Now its not as powerful as drax0r's 400-watt RMS system, but at 110-watts per channel, they drive them just fine as you can tell from the above video (any distortion is only the camera's limited microphone). And I no longer need an elaborate setup. Armed with my Nano and a thick MONSTER CABLE, the tunes will be plentiful. And just in time too. You see, no longer are the late nights and early mornings 100-degrees. Nope, we're getting lows in the 60s.

Time to open the garage, crack some beer, and pump the tunes! Won't you join me?

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