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Infinity RS625

Posted on 2009.09.03 at 08:05


ehowton at 2009-09-03 16:27 (UTC) (Link)
Your use of the word 'quality' is misleading as you seem to be focusing solely on the quality of sound which is reproduced. Fine, I'll give you that some test results point to the conclusion you've regurgitated here.

I could've purchased a $3 cable. However, in my experience it wouldn't last nearly as long as a quality made product. Name brands are, more often than not, made to more exacting standards than cheap Chinese knock-offs. They have to be in order to keep their customer base.

So I didn't purchase the cable thinking it would sound better, as you assume here, rather that rather than purchase a handful of $3 cables at some interval, I'll likely never have to buy a replacement cable.
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