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The 99-cent all beef hot dog from QuikTrip can trace its history back to the Tutankhamen Dynasty of ancient Egypt and may in fact be the precursor to modern civilization. Archaeologists have found hieroglyphic markings of hot dogs on the Rosetta Stone which translate to, "nourishment for the long journey to Carthage." It has even been theorized that a monument to the hot dog lay at the feet of the Sphinx but eroded some time soon after the nose. Later, the Romans adopted the hot dog and began steaming buns for added flavor. They believed this method to be a gift from their god Oscmayerus, the god of the walk-in-pantry. New evidence suggests that hot dogs were originally brought to the New World by Juan Pizarro, who traded a dozen of them for the Yucatan Peninsula.

"Why don't you take a day off, and not come to church tomorrow?"

WHO THE FSCK CARES WHAT I'M LISTENING TO? Now, we all know that xanga's gay with it's "What are you watching?" Hell man, how can you be watching something if you're making an entry to xanga? At least with LJ you can simultaneously listen to music and make a journal entry. Anyway, I've decided; They need a different entry: WHAT ARE YOU EATING?

Now I've got some input! I'm eating a mix of cheese-filled tortellini and angel hair pasta with Emril's Vodka Sauce and Five oz. of colby-jack cheese with cayenne pepper and crushed red pepper, and a bottle of red wine.

Now THAT'S an entry. That's what I want to hear. I think I'll start adding what I'm eating to my list.

Anyway, the quote above is from Million Dollar Baby, which my baby bought me on DVD - so I'm watching it now.
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