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10-years of television in just under two months. Wow!

Starting with the Season 7 two-part finale, "Lost City" forward - I really enjoyed Stargate SG-1. Its a shame I had to suffer through seven full seasons to get there. But I discovered which camp I belonged to. The Seasons 8-10 fan club. I thought Bill Browder was a great replacement for Richard Dean Anderson (and didn't even miss him), I loved what Claudia Black brought to the team, and I discovered that Morena Baccarin was more than just a pretty face.

I also figured out why most of you hate Rodney McKay, as he is overtly annoying in SG-1. I also no longer despise Daniel Jackson, though I'm curious why he's such a dork when he guest stars on Atlantis. In fact, it was the Tenth Season episode "The Pegasus Project" in which the entire SG-1 team travel to Atlantis (God but I love the Atlantian theme Goldsmith pulls out everytime its onscreen) that made catttitude and I see how petty and insignificant their mission seemed in comparison.

Regardless, we're ready to watch Atlantis again. This time, maybe I won't get ill every time they go back to Stargate Command now that I understand it better.

Does anyone closer than celtmanx have Stargate: Continuum I can borrow? Someone from work reading this perhaps? mr_dowg maybe?

Okay - off to watch The Ark of Truth now!

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