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The Time is Near

:51 second video

Those of you who read my wife's blog know we worked our asses off this past weekend clearing out the garage. The reason for choosing this weekend was not the 3-day holiday, rather, it had been in the 70s in the mornings and evenings all week long. Unfortunately that changed Saturday morning and it remained in the high 90s throughout the day, and night, all weekend long.

I felt like I was cheated.

Part of getting the containers emptied, arranged, up and down from the attic and squared away was organizing my computer parts (I have every combination imaginable of every type of SCSI connection and back as well as every serial connector adapter combo known to man - if you need something let me know) and getting my stereo set up in the garage.

Yes, the garage. In rural Texas, this is where it all happens. For those of you who've attended my parties, nearing the end of the year the weather is *perfect* for hosting these types of events. drax0r gave me his console CD/MiniDisc player which is AWESOME insomuch that it sounds FANTASTIC compared to my iPod, and revealed a flaw I haven't have time to research. If any of you have the solution, please - jump right in:

The Monster Cable connects to the audio out of the Nano into RCA jacks which go into the amp's input. However, in order to get any sound at all out of it, I have to use the volume control on the iPod...with the amp turned all the way up to 10. This depletes the iPod's 15-hour battery in approximately 45 minutes. Using the CD player, or even the iPod Shuffle, "3" is too loud. For some reason the signal coming from the Nano's headphone jack is different. Outside of this setup, the Nano responds normally.

Were this an older model amp, I would've attempted it through the RIAA curve phono preamp jack to see if that would make any difference. As it stands, my iPod is nearly worthless in the setup, and the CD player doesn't accept mp3 discs. Ideas?

Regardless, as I have over 1000 physical discs, and the garage stereo is now the most impressive system in the house, The Time is Near.

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