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Yesterday wardlejew understandably mistook the shiny, illuminated device atop my right speaker for an iPod. But prior to Apple's success with little "i" capitol "P" devices, Compaq released the iPAQ.

I paid $400 for my Compaq iPAQ 3650 (claims its a 3700 in the onboard asset info) in 2002. Today Amazon is selling these wonderous little machines for $522.

The iPAQ's 240x320 screen size predates most current popular handheld device, has a 206MHz Intel StrongARM processor with 64MB of RAM which is shared between system memory and system storage, 32MB ROM and 6MB of user storage. It is expandable, and wireless capable (with expansion pack engaged). The battery is dead but sells for a mere $10. Internet Explorer is built right in Microsoft's PocketPC but it will also run linux.

It has a built-in voice recorder, speaker (which also acts as a touch-pad mouse) and syncs with things like Outlook. My wife used it to play Solitaire in bed when she was pregnant.

So own a piece of history, and save $500.

Who wants it?

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