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True Blood

I'm surprised by how much I love this album. Especially Amy's lilting theme or the "Bill & Sookie" theme, both of which are featured twice. I can't remember the last time I heard music this beautiful, yet this much fun.

I bought it on a whim.

In fact I'd never before heard of Nathan Barr. And where the score to Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was old South, this South. Still Southern, but in a refreshing sort of way. Unlike upon first hearing Children of Earth which was immediately frantic and exciting and filled with adventure, or Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles which was thematic and lovely and familiar, I didn't recall hearing any of the elements of the score while I was watching the first season. That is, until I heard the album. Tracks I don't even remember listening to came rushing back - and its all bundled together so very well. There's quite a bit of heavy cello in here - which is used to add to the more haunting side of the score, and I understand Mr. Barr not only composed the score...but also performed it.

While one always enjoys Anna Paquin's tits, my two favorite characters were killed off the first season and I didn't have much desire to watch the second. My wife chewed her fingernails to the quick watching the second season one agonizing episode a week. I don't do that anymore. And neither was she, really - but my dad burned her a DVD from his Tivo and it lasted all of 4-minutes in the house before she changed her mind.

But as the series finale was coming up, and we'd just finished season two of Mad Men, I decided to join in the fun and games. Characters I didn't care for in the first season really turned around and gained my admiration, and cliffhanger episodes were few and well-placed. Good long storylines (but at only 12-episodes a season not too long).

And as nicetwins likes to remind me, "There's enough eye-candy for everyone."

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