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The Day the Music Died

My co-worker bought some Sennheiser PCX450 over-the-ear noise canceling headphones which make my Sony's sound like the ones that shipped with the first Walkman. 1980 is calling - they want their headphones back! And since losing my Bose Multimedia speakers four years ago next month I've not had really great sound anywhere. This system is a chance to redeem that.

My mother-in-law is here visiting this week, and I was listening to True Blood on iTunes when she asked if I wanted to accompany her to the garage to smoke. An illuminated incandescent bulb manifested above my head, and I grabbed the CD. I jumped to track 12, "Amy's Goodbye" but about thirty seconds into it I noticed that same dull, rattling sound I'd heard a couple of days before. Because I was standing directly between the speakers, I was able to isolate it to only the right side. I turned the top speakers off, leaving only the RS625's on and turned up the volume.

That's when I found the problem. The same issue Brinkmeyer was having with his. The foam had rotted. I frantically checked the left speaker - it too was showing signs of age. All four radiators seemed fine, but if these two are shot, chances are those soon will be. I couldn't find anywhere local in the D/FW metroplex which does this sort of work locally that I could check out online, but there were two places in Florida, one in North Carolina, and one in California which refoamed speakers - the latter being an Infinity Authorized repair shop. Now $35 didn't seem like a big deal when it was just a single speaker, but if I send off all six that's over $200 before shipping. But still way cheaper than it would cost me to replace speakers of this quality today.


Infinity RS625 8" Speaker Repair Foam Re-edge Pictures by Orange County Speaker
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