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"There's fight left in this old dog yet."

While drax0r's shiny new Quad-Core Win7 box basically relegates his old busted-assed PowerMac G5 to the role of doorstop, compared to my G4 Mini its a Godsend. And while it will never run Snow Leopard, it makes my OSX not only usable again (I simply removed my firewire boot drive from my Mini and plugged it into the PoweMac - voila!), I'm considering making it my primary box. One man's trash and all that. I've been picking corn out of drax0r's stool for years.

This coincides with a power supply failure in my linux box and getting the one I recently built for my mother back since my father just bought her a 64-bit AMD Vista box. I spent the day configuring that for her and transferring over her files. Now I have more boxes to build. I'm going to turn my wife's ubuntu box into a Win7 box so my son can play Diablo II and Dungeon Siege with me, pull the power supply out of my mom's old box, swap hard drives & memory and create myself a good Win7 box (for gaming) and work on migrating everything to the PowerMac. Also - I need to buy or trade some RAM. I need 4x1GB sticks of dual-channel matched PC3200. I have faster RAM to trade if any of you are upgrading, or I will pay you cash. I'm just not going to pay retail. I may also bring my Itanium box back online.

You know how bored I get if I don't have systems to reconfigure ;)

Thanks again drax0r.
Tags: gaming, kids, osx

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