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Good Grief

In one of those situations that those of you who know me know only happen to me, I managed to lose two power supplies in two different boxes, right about the same time. Because of the astronomical odds involved, while I deftly narrowed the problem down in one box almost immediately, the other took much, much longer.

And because one of the power supplies was my only SATA power, and because I have only one old molex-to-SATA converter and because my Raptor SATA drive is so freaking old it also contains "legacy" power and because I wanted to start utilizing the PowerMac and because my iTunes database was spread across three drives and because because because of the wonderful things he does...I spent an excruciating week culling down 2.5TB of data to fit onto a single 500GB drive for backup purposes and finally cobbled together an x86 box from remaining parts which is now, and likely temporarily, running Windows 7.

So drax0r suggested I run Diablo II in an XP VM on a Win7 host. Yeah, that went about as well as can be expected. In his defense, it did install and run. There's a whole host of hokey shit that goes on with Win7, most of which is not related to my extremely old hardware. Some of which is. The good news? Win7 *actually* knows what SATA devices are and can read from them, and install to them. Its like...magic. Or linux.

Anyway, my son is really digging it. After we run through this, I'll install the expansion pack. Once he has Diablo under his belt, I feel he'll be ready for Dungeon Siege. 10-years in the making: This is the reason I had a child.

And the SATA drive I put in the PowerMac and cloned wouldn't boot. And the application I downloaded to clone the drive and set it bootable in case I'd missed something didn't. And nothing makes me angrier than software which says, "I'm going to boot off your newly cloned drive now!" And then doesn't. Finder sees it. Disk Utility sees it. Startup Drive? Yeah, not so much. If I understood why a utility created for SETTING THE GODDAMN BOOT DRIVE of the machine wouldn't see the drive when everything else does, I'd be more mellow.

I found I was at my max accrued vacation (again) so was going to take some time off, but the 12-hour shift I worked to get everything done which needed doing so I wouldn't be missed pushed me to nearly 40 hours for the week when I factored in my sick time, for I was flat on my back all that next day with a debilitating cold, and most of the day after that. There's not much "downtime" when you're ill.

I often use "Restore Saved Draft" as a quick & dirty save function. However, that doesn't last indefinitely and I lost my rewrite of Chapter One of The Hobbit. Fortunately, I'd only finished about an eighth of it.

Oh, and I'm going to Massachusetts on a business trip the week of Halloween. Hope I don't miss uniqueblog's DFW visit.

And I quit both tobacco and Monster, simultaneously, a week ago.

A coworker (we'll call him 'Doc') loaned me the Definitive Gold Box Edition of Twin Peaks after overhearing me play Daniel Lichts "Escalation" for a Dexter fan at work (nestled between Twin Peaks and True Blood). After owning the soundtrack for 19-years, I finally got to see the damn thing - and let me tell you - it was well worth the wait. I say that because I can't even imagine what people were thinking when that aired in 1990. WHAT THE FUCK? Anyway - I'd always found the music beautiful and haunting - but coupled with that opening title sequence, the sap it injects just makes me laugh out loud now. I'll never hear it the same again.

I was surprised at how pervasive the score was in the first season, permeating every single scene as well as any incidental music that's being playing on the radio, the record player, or sung on stage. Quite impressive. God but the way they used that music in a Delirious meets Dynasty sort of way. I never could tell if they were being serious or not. GREAT acting.

So there it is. I've been embattled, and there's a weak weeks worth of worthless prattle. Each paragraph, individually, took way longer to live through in real life than seems possible by just reading it. I'm not used to such...errant diversity in my life. Carry on.
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