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Good Grief

Posted on 2009.10.17 at 01:00


ehowton at 2009-10-19 18:01 (UTC) (Link)
I'd like to ignore your ravings, and I would were it not for the same thing which always reels me in like a fish caught on a hook: If I don't expose your strawman, those who don't know any better might think you know what you're talking about. And I feel a responsibility to my readers to not let that happen.

Let's go.


      "You're running the Vista kernel, dumbass."
        Not an accurate statement.

      "If you think that Vista 2 Windows 7 is a truly new Operating System"
        Not an accurate statement.

      "...but rather want to continue to express your unconditional love or Vista 2 Windows 7"
        A complete fabrication - Never stated nor implied; irrelevant

      "what OS is going to run faster on your box"
        Presenting a misrepresentation of the opponent's position and then refuting it, thus giving the appearance that the opponent's actual position has been refuted.

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