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The mouse I use was purchased in Massachusetts in the year 2000 and just stopped working. (Mousepad courtesy photogoot.) I think, while I'm there, I'll buy another. drax0r used to pocket the ball to force me to go out and smoke with him - a tactic I both hated, and admired for its effectiveness.

Its been nearly ten years since I've been to Massachusetts and I leave again at 0400. I haven't even packed yet, just made piles of stuff I know I'll need on the bed. My co-worker usually goes, and packs only a single carry-on bag. And while I think that's all kind of smart, this time I think I'll pack a suitcase and see how it goes.

I've gone 14-days without MONSTER or Scooby-Snack (moist smokeless tobacco) but I wonder if the long hours and boring evenings will drive me once again into her arms. I hope to see somebritinmass while I'm there, but this trip caused me to miss meeting uniqueblog while he was here in DFW.

When I was a manager and a travelled a lot, I used my boss' secretary to book all my travel. That was easy. Prior to being a manager, we had an agency that we called to book our travel. That too, was easy. Nowadays, talking to a person is forbidden, because its more expensive than the online option, which we're mandated to to utilize, and while I usually prefer the online option - I'm not a travel agent! So I have nfc what it is I'm doing. I mean, it sounds easy, but the number of rules associated with the order of defaults in the software really make up for its simplicity.

But I did get some good deals - round trip ticket for $400 with a non-stop flight back. (I pay for all my own business trips after not getting reimbursed in a timely manner on a coast-to-coast-to-coast-to-Hawaii-and-back $10,000 trip on the corporate card - guess who's credit took a hit on that? NOT CORPORATES!) But despite that extremely inexpensive flight, I still got an email reminder chiding me for not allowing 10-days booking prior to traveling, because the seats are cheaper. I just don't see it.

So I bid you all adieu. Hopefully I'll find some hot-spots along the way (I have a two-hour layover in D.C. on the way there) but if not, I should be set up prior to my Monday-morning start time. I'm leaving a day early because Monday is going to start with a shot and I'll be the one out the starting gate with some small man sitting on my neck and beating my ass with a whip.
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