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My but I had forgotten how beautiful the Northeast is this time of year. Now I usually enjoy a good storm, but from what I understand its just drab and miserable in Texas right now, yet here in Massachusetts - its beautiful. Sunny, cool days and blue skies. Wow. And I had forgotten how gorgeous this part of the country is when the leaves turn. For those of you in this area, you won't think twice about this - but in Texas - as large as it is and even with its four distinct ecological areas (desert, tropical, piney woods & plains) we can't touch this.

The first time I saw this level of natural vibrance and understood the use of these colors in a seasonal setting was 1986 - my first trip to Virgina. Later, I was stationed in Virginia and photogoot and I would camp underneath their glorious canopy. When he bought a house in Maryland and I moved to New Jersey, I marveled at their pervasiveness on my numerous trips back and forth. I hear Vermont is even more wondrous, though I've never been.

There's really nothing quite like it, and though this short video isn't nearly as awe-inspiring as seeing it in person, I couldn't help myself on the short drive back to my hotel from the convenience store:

1:02 video
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