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The Best Halloween

The best Halloween I've ever had was in Omaha. It was there I ran my tongue up and down my sexy co-worker's leg while she was dressed like a German wench, and met the woman which would be my wife. Not a bad haul. I had a couple of great Halloween's while living in Boyd. One, where all four of us dressed like a family of bears, the other, shortly after 9/11, when I dressed as an Arab. You learn a lot about people when you challenge their expectations, and I have a long history of doing just that.
But last night was fun in a different sort of way. My kids, they actually got it this year, and for the first time I think, had fun. They just had fun. My son even brought a neighbor friend with him. This was the first year since 2003 that catttitude & I dressed up to walk with them, which was also fun. Participation rocks. All the subdivisions were bustling with friendly activity and it seemed everyone who was out was out to have fun. Although I admit a certain longing to be one of the families standing around a firepit in the driveway dressed all spooky and handing out candy. That looked like fun too. Unfortunately, with our subdivision only 1% built-out, I fear I won't get that opportunity for many years.
We started this holiday weekend out with a little garage party for my neighbors, completely the idea of my wife. I bought a modest amount of imported, microbrew, and domestic beers and invited my next door neighbors, my neighbors next door to them, and so on and so forth down the street. It was a nice time in which I discovered perhaps the amount of beer purchased wasn't modest enough, as I drank far too much of it. But the fun for me was in the planning and shopping with my wife since I'd taken Friday off, and smoking a beautiful cigar (the last of which schpydurx had left with me during our December 1st, 2007 party) with her while waiting for the guests to arrive. Yes, I played my "Halloween 2009" cd, the garage was eventually filled, and there were few casualties.

Happy Halloween, my friends.

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