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FreeBSD...but not cheap

It's 0400. I laid down an hour ago and could not sleep. This sort of thing just does not happen to me. I replaced my WinXP box with FreeBSD this weekend. Seven times. This is going to be a lot more work than I first expected. First I accepted all the defaults to get the box and running so I could see how it worked. I even used KDE's 'Redmond' login screen and color themes to recreate an environment my wife would be comfortable in using. Then I newfs'd and put a base install on, wanting to build everything from source (gentoo eat your heart out). However, after forgetting half my dependencies, and not being able to script a for loop for installs due to dependancy failure, I newfs'd again and started with a full install, minues any pre-compiled packages, planning to source my own. Three rebuilds later, I have found the FreeBSD equiv to emerge -sync, but without the unattended option. Now that's a pain in the ass. So as it stands now, my KDE login screen is in Arabic and my LOCALE is set to Russian. I should go back to WindowMaker.

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