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Multiclassing Fail

You have the potential to make a better salary if you're highly specialized in your field. You also increase your chances of being unemployed longer than everyone else. As with everything in life, finding the right balance is key. Dilute your skills too much, and you're a lower-paid "jack of all trades."

At least you'll be able to find a job :/

We failed to defeat Diablo.

My son started down the Necromancer path, and with his undead minions pulling tank duty, I played Ranger. Which worked out until "Ooooh, shiny!" And my son was a Necromancer wielding a pretty sword which was more fun than casting protective spells. Or after seeing how powerful I was becoming with a bow & arrow decided to try his hand at that as well. Of course I wanted him to find a character he was both comfortable with and enjoyed playing, but did so at my own peril - I should've been a tank from the start, just in case.

Throughout the game I explained the importance of playing solely within one's class, how teamwork works, and why playing to each others abilities strengthens the group as a whole, even in life.

And to his credit he never once Leeroy'd me.

So now we're on Dungeon Siege and instead of summoning skeletal mages, he gets to play one.

But working your way up to fantastic spells as a magic user is frustrating - especially when you're nine years old. Levels come more slowly. I keep reminding him that his patience will eventually reward him, but at his age, he wants only to know how much patience is required, as if the answer were as tangible as the scrolls his spells are written upon. Something to tuck in your spellbook.

These games are just for fun. You can have life lessons in fun, but I've tossed aside the strategy guide for now. Maybe next time we play. Because I'm also multi-classing. I have to. With just the two of us - and I have no idea what he's going to do next (though I do have a feeling once he realizes with enough dexterity he can pick up and use a Goblin flamethrower he'll be lost to me) - I am both the Ranger, and the tank, and am very carefully trying to equalize my skillset.

If I dilute my skills too much, I won't be strong enough in any one class to effectively battle the bosses, but if I lock myself into something which doesn't compliment my son's eventual character...there's another saying about multiclassing: All the disadvantages of both and the benefits of neither.

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