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Win2k8 IA64

So look what happened when I tried to install VMWare Workstation on Windows 2008 Server IA64. Guess what I think will? VirtualBox! (Which, given Sun Microsystem's control of it, makes my plan especially nefarious...) So now I'm going to install Ubuntu 8.04 IA64 and see about compiling it on that architecture.

Ultimately, I'll end up using IntegrityVM (think ESX hypervisor vs Workstation, or better yet, Solaris Containers [big] Zones) providing my rx2600 does that - but knowing what I now know, I bet I can coax it into working.

And sadly once again, Google is only filled with simple answers to common questions. Nothing (and I mean nothing) I search for regarding any of this returns an answer. The good news is I will make my own answers - the bad news is once I submit this post, within three minutes Google will start displaying my own post to me as a valid return.

Such a burden I carry.
Tags: hpux, unix

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