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"In the pipe, five by five."

Introduced the boy to StarCraft. I could tell he was getting bored with our missions in Dungeon Siege but was unsure if a child would appreciate Real Time Strategy. Now I know. He LOVED it. Last night, as I put him to bed, he had three action figures with him, which he explained to me were Zerg, Protoss, and Terran.

I picked up the "Battlechest" at Target Friday evening on my way home from work and kid you not, actually managed to also find my original 1998 disc and the follow up Brood War. I'm thinking I need a a little more organization in my office, which already looks more like a comfortable storage unit than anything. Since pulling out all my games, they now litter the top of my desk with all my HP/UX and IA64 discs and hardware (I brought home that 128MB PCI framebuffer for the rx2600) as that was the last project I was working on before the two became enmeshed, bonded, reacted and exploded:

unixwolf arrived Saturday for our annual citywide Glowfest event (I was to get free tickets for authoring the web page; alas, no time to pick them up), to hang out in the garage and drink Shiner Smokehouse (more on that in a later entry) and visit for the weekend. Its been a year this month since we last saw the UnixWolf around these parts. After drax0r's six-year-old mercilessly beat him in a wrestling match he re-established his dominance by schooling both myself and my son in StarCraft marking the first time in nearly a decade we had played together.

And while that was fun, and I was looking forward to a re-match, I had a Production Change from 0300-0700 Sunday morning. So yeah, moving kinda slow today. Not as easy as it was when I was younger.

Sunday morning was lazy - I'd slept a total of 4 hours the night before; two before the Production window, two after - so my wife and I lazed around the house and finished re-watching the first season of SG:A The prefect end to the perfect weekend, and now its time to ready myself for the work week. But before I go...

A word about camouflage. According to Wikipedia:
Camouflage is a method of crypsis – avoidance of observation – that allows an otherwise visible organism or object to remain indiscernible from the surrounding environment through deception. Examples include a tiger's stripes and the battledress of a modern soldier
So I'm guessing sequins? Not so much -

The link *really* shows them off

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