ehowton (ehowton) wrote,


  • Secretly despise not only the phrase 'O RLY' but also people who use it. Double-point bonus for those who use the owl picture. Okay, maybe not so secret anymore.

  • So I get these infrequent benign text messages from a number I don't know. I respond to them in kind.

  • Installing Oracle's new Operating System in a VM for our DBAs. It looks a lot like Red Hat Enterprise Linux.



    So this was a lot easier than trying to figure out how to get an XDMCP login propmt on the new flavors of linux login screen: On the SGI box…

  • Map the Backspace key in SGI Irix

    Because "stty erase [backspace]" doesn't work in Irix like it does in HP/UX & Solaris: stty intr \^C erase \^? kill \^U FYI, you have to be in…

  • iDRAC Express

    To set a hostname on a server without an Enterprise iDRAC: ssh user@IP admin1> racadm config -g ifcRacManagedNodeOs -o ifcRacMnOsHostname…

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