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Thanksgiving Weekend

And it's FAMILY DAY today! Yes, just myself, my wife, and our two children. What a relaxing day after all that driving and all that tryptophan, which really knocked me out early by the way. Well, maybe that and the Scotch, but I don't want to point any fingers.

Speaking of, I'll never buy an expensive bottle of Scotch again. I've found my ideal daily-drinker: McClelland's. They're pretty generic looking, with names such as, "Highlands," "Lowlands," "Islay" & "Speyside" to identify themselves, but at $21.99 a bottle (here in Anna), they're the best inexpensive Scotch I've ever had. Better than more expensive Scotch I've gotten on sale.

Anyway, so the boy and I are playing StarCraft today. Thing is, I'm playing on my Mac because Win7 renders it like this:


Win95/Win98/Win2000/ME/XP & OSX

Hope all of you are having as much fun as I am.
Tags: anna, kids, scotch

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