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Every single day is the busiest day of my life...

Drank two bottles of wine last night, one too many if you want to know the truth. A little fuzzy this morning. So I'm driving into work and the phone rings. The wireless router I set up last night is not broadcasting to the meeting group this morning. They're getting antsy. I was five minutes away. I burst in the meeting room, unbutton my suit jacket, and kneel in the corner, unplugging the wireless router from the digital phone jack, into the network jack. Cheers and clapping ensue. I make it to my desk. The phone rings. A VP's admin, hosting an offsite meeting, has a dead laptop - one we gave her. She's on the verge of panic. "I NEED AN EXECUTIVE LAPTOP, STAT!" I shout. One is placed in my hands as I shrug my coat back on. I scream down the road. One light before my turn, a taxi doing like, 4 (mph) blocks my progress. He turns where I'm turning. He stops in the entrance to the turn. There's no one in front of him. I crank the wheel and slam the accelerator. The wheels screech much longer than I expected them to, all parking spaces are taken, so I run up on the curb and pull the parking brake, sliding to a stop in front of a group of people. I flip the flashers on, jump out of the car with the laptop, and come face to face my boss, the Regional Service Delivery Manager, the Account Executive, and the Program Manager. They were the group of people in front of the hotel I came to a skidding halt in front of.

I rush in and present the laptop to the admin. "Oh." She said, "I forgot to plug it in, the battery had died in the middle of the presentation."

*black cloud*
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