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Goodbye Charlie

King of Kings

I purchased my Krups Cafe Il Bistro at Lords & Taylor (Dillard's) in the King of Prussia Mall outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania upon my arrival there in 1997 and its been a good and faithful friend ever since.

It passed away Tuesday morning at 0530.

In lieu of a memorial service, my wife dumped it into the trashcan along with the $40 Original Replacement Carafe I had to order off the internet in 2004.

The Il Bistro would drop only measured amounts of water into the grounds waiting for each pass to complete before sending the next, and with the cone filter, maximize its flavor. I like my coffee very black, and very thick. No other coffee maker I've owned has even come close to this.

I bought the best "el cheapo" I could off the shelf at Wal-Mart that morning. Not a one utilizes a cone filter, but I found a GE which has a 'gourmet' mode - which appears to brew more slowly. I'm still playing with water levels and scoop volumes to get it at least drinkable.

And it can't make expresso.

Rest In Peace little buddy. I'll never forget you.

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