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Being a notorious late-adopter coupled with my son's growing interest in playing video games with his old man and my old system which was *perfect* for 10-year old games but not the more modern ones...I have a lot of catch-up to do. One of these gems I've discovered is Age of Empires III. My only exposure to Real-Time Strategy games have been the Blizzard offerings - which are fantastic - but what rich and intricate worlds are to be found when you widen your scope even a smidgen.

And I was surprised to find that my son also finds this game extraordinary given that its aim is historical accuracy and there are no Zerg or Night Elf to fight off. Someone at work mentioned that if I was enjoying AOE3 I might *really* like Age of Mythology which I'll try my hand at this evening, and if all goes well - this entire weekend. Its wet and rainy outside anyway; not like I'm depriving my son from running around in the sun :P

So I dusted off my Age of Mythology Soundtrack and popped it in to whet the appetite. Besides, any game that has a hot Isis on the cover,* I'm gonna want to check out.

Into battle I go.


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