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Its been a great year so far. I love being with my kids - there's always lots of laughs on our little jaunts around town; they're really growing into their personalities, and we've had one hell of a run this weekend: We gamed until 0100 each night playing Age of Mythology and its Titan Expansion. I'd worked an 8-hour non-production maintenance window Sunday while my kids ran and played in the beautifully mild sunny day we had, but when the sun went down again the game was afoot! Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night.

Sadly, each of these long nights was met by an equally early start. Saturday morning we had our H1N1 "Swine Flu" vaccinations at the free clinic which was conveniently set up in the small frontier town of Anna. (Rarely has there been a more stark example of my socio-economic delta - Next time, I'll pay cash for the opportunity to avoid the free clinic.) This was followed by a delightful lunch at the best Italian restaurant in town - Joe's - and once again the children were a joy to be with. In case you misunderstand me, the last 9-years have pretty much been hell. Children aren't naturally well-behaved and/or polite. You have to train them, and they don't appreciate being trained. I'm finally beginning to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I know this will be short lived as they mature and reach other emotionally challenging phases, but I'm sure enjoying it now. My boy (first time on the adult menu) ordered the best pizza I've had in a long time: Jalapeño & sausage. We ate on it for three meals.

As an aside, one of the perks of living in Texas is that we usually add jalapeños to authentic dishes from other cultures. Many of our Chinese restaurants for example include a "Jalapeño chicken" dish, and our Indian food restaurants garnish with them.
Sunday morning I arose early for my maintenance window which I was able to do from home, and because of those hours coupled with the kids being out of school Monday, I took that day off as well. In short, its been a fantastic weekend. I'd like to see more like them.

I especially enjoy the architecture.

Enjoyed the hell out of the 10th episode of the forth season of Supernatural, "Heaven and Hell" which was the last episode I'd seen prior to purchasing the box set. Last night, we caught back up to that point after starting from the beginning again. What a great show! Sam's boning a demon, Dean's boning an angel, and everything in season 4 thus far comes together. Great writing, great acting, and great storylines. If the series had ended on that episode, I would've deemed it a success.

You cut yourself a slice of angel cake, didn't you?.
Is H1N1 (and its vaccine) a plot to depopulate 90% of the Earth so that international bankers can take over the world? Jesse Ventura thinks so. My mother is recovering conspiracy theorist and on our local city forum we have a whack-job who continues to post "proof" of this by way of excruciatingly long articles from known UFO-chasers despite having moved out of the city over a year ago. Of course no one knows exactly *how* H1N1 is going to do this. Or when. Today - Tuesday - I developed some mild flu-like symptoms indicative of having just had a flu shot, which is why I stopped getting them 10-years ago after ritualistically receiving them annually the decade before that.

I ain't got time to bleed.
So the most viewed video on my YouTube channel ("The Most Perfect Absinthe Cocktail Ever") hit 500 views this weekend, but the best part was the accompanying comment: "Absinth is something you drink with a ritual you idiot." (Say it with a German accent.) Du kannst auf diesen Kommentar antworten, indem du zur Seite "Kommentare" gehst. Not here pal, as the drink has been banned in the U.S. for the last ONE HUNDRED YEARS we have no rituals to speak of.

My hair is getting really long. I'm thinking about shaving bald just the left half of my head and getting drax0r to shave just the right half of his - that way, when we walk abreast, we'll have one gigantic, complete head.

Now that's a tasty burger!

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